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ATRI Research Results

Economic Analysis

CVISN Business Case Final Summary (PDF)


New York State Ton-Mile Tax Analysis (PDF)


Incentives for Deployment of Onboard Safety Systems - Final Report (PDF)


Top Industry Issues 2007 (PDF)

Defining the Legacy for Users: Understanding Strategies and Implications for Highway Funding Executive Summary (PDF)

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Assessing the Impact of the ACE Truck e-Manifest System on Trucking Operations - one page summary (PDF)

Click here to request a full hardcopy report
Top Industry Issues 2006 (PDF)
Top Industry Issues 2005 (PDF)

Freight Stakeholders National Network: Joining Forces To Improve


Motor Carrier Technologies: Fleet Operational Impacts and Implications for Intelligent Transportation Systems/ Commercial Vehicle Operations (PDF)


The Visual Impact of Trucks in Traffic (PDF)








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