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ATRI in the News


ATRI to Host Online Forum on National Truck Driver Injury and Health Survey


ATRI and FMCSA to Survey Industry for On-Board Safety System Testing

ATRI and FMCSA to Co-Host National Online Forum

Top Industry Issues 2007

ATRI Supports FMCSA/Industry Wireless Roadside Inspection Webinar

 ATRI Seeks Trucking Industry Experiences During National Emergencies

 Fuel Saving/Emissions Reducing Technologies Research

  Collision Warning Systems Featured in Upcoming Industry Webinar

 ATRI Research Identifies Billions in Highway Revenues

ATRI Research Measures Impact of ACE Truck e-Manifest System on Trucking Operations

ATRI, FMCSA and CBP Discuss Border Issues Tonight on Sirius Radio

ATRI Reports Initial Findings on Industry Speed Governor Use

ATRI Seeks Motor Carrier Input for Speed Differential Study

ATRI Publishes Updated Idling Regulations Compendium

ATRI Issues Final Request For Hours-Of-Service Data

Preparing the Industry for Disaster Response Tops Research Agenda

Driver Shortage Leads Top Ten List of Trucking's Concerns; 
Research Organization's Findings will be Used to Develop Strategies

ATRI Seeks Motor Carrier Input for Hours-of-Service Study

ATRI to Survey Trucking Industry on Border Efficiency Issues

ATRI Releases Research Findings on Electronic On-Board Recorders
in the Trucking Industry

ATRI Freight Performance Measures Highlighted in FHWA 
Public Roads Magazine

Industry Input Needed on Critical Issues

Renewed Attention on Sleep Apnea Research Provides
Great Opportunity for Industry

ATRI Completes First Round of Diesel Fuel Testing

American Transportation Research Institute Appoints New Board Members

ATRI Commissioned to Assess Custom's ACE Truck E-Manifest Impacts

ATRI Selects Teams to Evaluate Mobile Idle Reduction Technologies

ATRI to be Regularly Featured on XM Radio's Dave Nemo Show

American Transportation Research Institute Seeks Motor Carrier Input 
for Hours-of-Service Study

ATRI Reports on Idle Reduction Technology Trends

Washington Ranked #1 for Enforcement of Problem Drivers surrounding Commercial Motor Vehicles

ATRI Seeks Teams to Demonstrate Mobile Idle Reduction Technologies


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